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Camp Kate Adult Sessions

We understand that every child who attends Camp Kate has many others in their life who are also dealing with the pain of loss.  We offer adults a safe place to talk about their grief with others who understand.  Adults meet in small groups, facilitated by counselors, during the same hours as Camp Kate and take part in activities and discussions that help each one navigate their grief journey.


OCT 23, 2020

After 20 months of separation, quarantine, and zoom calls, we finally had an opportunity to move Onward at an in-person camp. The power of Camp Kate is being able to be with peers who help us move forward in our grief journeys.

For this first camp in two years, we returned to Camp Westminster with an Onward theme. Like the characters in the Disney movie, we talked about those special people in our lives, the memories made and missed with them, and our plans for moving Onward.

We still employed safety protocols and social distancing among our groups, but our masked campers and adults still benefitted from being with peers. Whether involved in archery, fishing, kayaking, rock wall climbing, or small group sharing, our participants all had a wonderful day.