Camper Testimonials

“Camp Kate has helped me understand that I am not alone in the process of grief. I Have learned how to talk about the death of family members and friends, as well as to help and comfort others. I have made lots of new friends, and I have learned how to not hide my grief, but to talk about it.”

“Camp Kate is a blessing. As a volunteer whose parent has died, it is enriching to help kids work through their grief. At camp, we learn the benefits of confronting the ugly emotions that death elicits, and constructively moving through them. I tend to work with the “Bambies,” or the four- to six-year-olds, and being an example of how to deal with death teaches me a lesson each time I volunteer. We say that our loved one died because it doesn’t delude us about what happened; we confront death and learn to cope. This camp is the healthiest and most enlightening way to deal with tragedy that I have the great fortune to assist. Hoping you will consider volunteering!”

“Camp Kate has been such a blessing to my children. Having unexpectedly lost their father at the ages of 6 and 10 during the first week of 1st and 5th grades, the school counselor referred us to Camp Kate within a week of their return to school and we experienced their first camp shortly after. My son (6), was open to conversation and visited his counselor whenever he felt the need. My daughter (10), however, was withdrawn and I didn’t know what I needed to do to help. Camp Kate has taught my children, and me, that how we grieve is normal, how we feel is normal, there are others that feel how we feel and not everyone grieves the same. There is still light when we see darkness. I’m so thankful for Camp Kate, the Carusos and all of the dedicated counselors that continue to help during this process. Campers since 10/2016”

“Camp Kate saved my family! It's a place we can honor our loved ones all while strengthening our bond. For the adults it's a chance to hear how others are grieving and take away ideas. Most importantly you know that you're not alone. The counselors are all amazing and it really feels like a huge family reunion! There isn't one person who is left feeling alone or lonely at Camp Kate. Camp Kate is definitely a place to heal and you always walk away feeling armed with healthy ways to grieve.”

“My name is Crystal and we lost my husband September 26th 2015 we have 3 kids Jason David and Lillie. I found out about Camp Kate through a friend of mine and I called and talked to Miss Jane and got a setup to attend. Camp Kate has been awesome to us they have brought light back into our life they have helped my children through some difficult times and have been there for us when we needed them. They've helped my kid's smile again.

“Camp Kate has helped us remember daddy for who he was and all the things we did together. They do all sorts of things to help you remember your family member. We talked about the family members, talk about what made them happy what made them sad and then we talked about how we feel. We went from having a very rough time to being able to open up and enjoy your life to the best that we could. I just hold his memories in our hearts forever. We are forever grateful for Camp Kate for coming into our life and giving us a sparkle back in our life and we are grateful .”

“Camp Kate has been an beautiful experience for me and my family. We started coming to Camp Kate after my mom died from lung cancer 3 years ago. From the first day me and my family felt the love and the connection with others who understood our pain from grief. We learned so much about death, love, hope, grief, healing, and friendship through sharing in groups. We even received phone calls, emails, and letters from friend, Jane, the Camp Kate coordinator, which is a lot more than what my own family would do for me. Every year my kids look forward to Camp Kate. Grief can be very complicated for children to express. So for my kids to connect with other kids their age, has truly help them to cope with grief. We just want to say thank you for the group therapy sessions, arts & crafts, the meals, music, and for all the volunteers who put this beautifully together. I recommend this camp for anyone who is in need of a friend in time of grief.”

“This Camp helps me to feel better in one day than going to counseling for months. Camp Kate is amazing.”


OCT 23, 2020

After 20 months of separation, quarantine, and zoom calls, we finally had an opportunity to move Onward at an in-person camp. The power of Camp Kate is being able to be with peers who help us move forward in our grief journeys.

For this first camp in two years, we returned to Camp Westminster with an Onward theme. Like the characters in the Disney movie, we talked about those special people in our lives, the memories made and missed with them, and our plans for moving Onward.

We still employed safety protocols and social distancing among our groups, but our masked campers and adults still benefitted from being with peers. Whether involved in archery, fishing, kayaking, rock wall climbing, or small group sharing, our participants all had a wonderful day.